Wed 25 Apr 2012

Facts about Mold

If you have mold the first thing to do is call a certified professional like SERVICEMASTER and we will be there every step of the way to assist you with any mold cleanup. If you already have a mold problem, ACT QUICKLY! Mold damages worsen as they have more time to grow and can cause more damage.

Get the Facts: Mold is not a plant or an animal. It is a type of fungus and a fact of life. All it takes is moisture, warmth and food. Moisture control is the key to controlling mold. The CDC recommends keeping the humidity level in your house below 50 percent. If you see moisture building up, act quickly and dry the area. If you have any water leaks, whether it is coming in through the roof, or from a pipe or the ground, have it patched up immediately.Mold does have the potential to cause health problems. The most common reactions to mold are allergic ones. If you are concerned, make sure to check out areas in your home where humidity and moisture levels are high and contact SERVICEMASTER immediately for a thorough, and certified cleaning!

Thu 12 Apr 2012

$500 Worth of Plumbing!

Receive $500.00 worth of FREE plumbing work! That’s right just mention this ad on our website. Some conditions do apply: If you’re having a water loss it must be approved by your insurance carrier with the intent to pay for the water damages. Once you agree to allow ServiceMaster to perform your mitigation services you will receive up to $500.00 worth of free plumbing repairs! Or we’ll provide up to $500.00 to help assist you with your plumbing repairs from a plumber of your choice.

Thu 1 Mar 2012

Main Water Shut Off Information

Do you know where your main water shut-off is?

The shut-off valve is typically located where the water line comes in to the house, usually in the basement or crawl space on an outside wall near the front of the house. It may also be near the water heater or in the garage if the home is built on a slab. This shutoff valve can usually be turned off by hand. Just turn the valve handle clockwise to turn off all water to the house.

In the event of a water leak, pipe break or water heater leak knowing how to shut of the water to your home can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary water damage. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Recovery has been informing their customers where to locate their main water supply with their water tags. These water tags are placed around the pipe on the main water shut off and use to help locate the shut off!

Email us today and we’ll send you a complimentary water tag!